Bodies of Water - (2006)
A shimmering meditation on the movement of water and water creatures, the quartet invites the viewer to appreciate the underwater environment as a three-dimensional system littered with the activities of human beings. The piece features multimedia representations of the beauty and destructive power of water, created by the choreographer.
  • Selected as a Green Street Studios Space Grant recipient, this piece has been performed at theatres and festivals in Massachusetts and at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Austin, TX (2007).

Dance-opoly (2005)
The game of a dancer’s life performed with audience participation. Through a live game show format, this group dance-theatre piece expresses the unsettling precariousness of producing dance in uncertain times.
  • Premiered as part of Mosaic Dance Body’s Fifth Season concert, Unsettled StatesGreen Street Studios, Cambridge, MA. 
  • Revived in 2012 for Austin’s Big Range Dance Festival
  • Revived in 2014 for FronteraFest

The Wed Menace (2005)
Ugly bridesmaid dresses take revenge on the bride in this darkly funny group dance.
  • Commissioned by Choreographers Group and performed at Babson College, Wellesley, MA.

Fog (2003)
An anti-war solo featuring communication imagery designed to comment on the confusion resulting from conflict.
  • Premiered at The Dance Complex, Cambridge, MA.

Self-Indulgent Solo (2002)
Inspired by unexamined motivations and movement choices and the work of Beat poets, this humorous solo is a complete waste of time. Or is it?
  • Premiered as part of Mosaic Dance Body’s Third Season concert, Confessions & Transgressions, a series of collaborative performances throughout Texas, along with Sam Houston State University’s Raven Dance Theatre. It has since been chosen for performance in World Music’s “Ten’s the Limit” juried concert in Cambridge, MA (2004) and was part of Mosaic Dance Body’s premiere concert in Cambridge, MA (2005).            

Does this Make Me Look Fat? (2002)
Have you ever wondered what goes on in the minds of performing dancers? Here is a sneak peek…
  • This collaboration between actors and dancers premiered in Mosaic Dance Body’s Third Season concert, Confessions & Transgressions.

Cheek to Cheek (2001)
Saucy duet or trio reveling in the glories of the derriere.
  • Premiered as part of Mosaic Dance Body’s Second Season concert, DRAWERS, dance-theatre performance at Café Dance featuring saxophonist Stan Killian, Austin, TX. Revived in concert at Green Street Studios, Cambridge, MA; May 2004.

Slip (2001)
A poignant commentary on the weight of expectation on 'superwomen'.
  • Originally performed as a solo, this group piece with folding chairs premiered as part of Mosaic Dance Body’s Second Season concertDRAWERS, dance-theatre performance at Café Dance featuring saxophonist Stan Killian, Austin, TX. The piece has been performed by students from Prairie View A&M University and by MDB in MIT's Artists Behind the Desk series, at Green Street Studios in Cambridge, MA, the Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Austin, TX and at various festivals and theatres throughout Texas and Massachusetts.

Backwards Parade (2000)
Why do parades always have to go forward? Here is another, much more fun option.
  • Conceived as a site-specific piece along a narrow walkway at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Austin, TX, this group dance has been performed in festivals, theatres and outdoor locations throughout Texas and Massachusetts.

Breast Wishes (1997)
In a humorous take on mammary issues, robot women in space age bras expose the relationship between one's inner monologue and one's undergarments. 
  • Originally performed as a solo, this group piece has been presented in Mosaic Dance Body’s concert, DRAWERS, at Cafe Dance in Austin, TX; Green Street Studios and The Dance Complex in Cambridge, MA, and at various festivals, studios and theatres throughout Texas and Massachusetts. 
  • Boston Globe Review       

The Mattel Trilogy (1996)
Barbie zombie bodies battle female bodies for world supremacy.

How to Choreograph (1996)
Following directions was never more frustrating or fun than in this trippy solo,  danced to a tune we all know well (too well).
  • Long considered Dawn Davis Loring's signature solo, this piece has been performed in concerts, choreographer showcases, universities, festivals and fundraisers throughout Colorado, Texas and Massachusetts. 
  • In 2009, Dawn reworked the solo into a group piece for her students at Suffolk University in Boston.
  • In 2014, Dawn set the group piece on her students at Northwest Vista College in San Antonio.

Ave (2000)
Created along with photographer Jose Luis Medina for Mosaic Dance Body’s First Season concert, A Gallery of Fools, Austin, TX.

The Yellow Wallpaper  (1997)
Created along with vocalist Kelly Zinge for Kinesis Dance Theatre concert, Arrested by the Intangible, Planet Theatre, Austin, TX.

Silent All These Years (1996)
Multimedia collaboration including dance, film and original score for MFA Thesis Concert entitled Nuance, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Princess Nadina and the 962nd Seconds (1995)
Choreography for evening-length collaborative performance with visual artist, Nadi Carey; Idaho Springs, CO.

In Verge (1995)
Choreography for evening-length interdisciplinary collaborative performance with filmmaker, composer and visual artists, performed at the Old Main Theatre, University of Colorado; Boulder.