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Freelance Writer for DanceSource Houston
Dance Gallery Festival Review-Sam Houston State University (October 2011)

Freelance Writer for The Dancing Times Magazine (not currently archived online)
Introducing Step into Dance - Royal Academy of Dance (April 2011)

Freelance Writer for The Weekly Dig (not currently archived online)
Best of 2005 - Weirdest Dances (December 2005)
Snappy Dance Theatre - The Temperamental Wobble (May 2004)
Company One - Lost City (March 2004)
Boston Conservatory - Graham’s Primitive Mysteries (February 2004)
Good, Bad and Ugly: Top Dance Stories of 2003 (December 2003)
Kelley Donovan and Dancers Profile (November 2003)
Seidman Says Dance Profile (October 2003)
TheatreZone Review - Dinner with Friends (October 2003)
American Repertory Theatre Review - Lady with a Lapdog (September 2003)

Freelance Writer for The Boston Globe
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Configurations Review - July 1, 2003
Profile: Digby Dance - April 20,  2003
Who’s Next?  Malinda Allen - April 13,  2003
Cirque du Soleil - October 3,  2002

Freelance Writer for The Austin Chronicle (1998-2002 and 2011-present)
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Fall Arts Issue 2012
Bill Engvall
Shaolin Warriors


Chance Blames Fate – StillPoint (June 1998)
Volume 7 Issue 42


Nothing Succeeds Like Access (June 1999)

Everybody Has a Body (January 1999)

PREVIEWS (not currently archived online)
The Bystander - Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company (November 2001)
In Case of Fire - Allison Orr and Austin Firefighters (October 2001)
Stay with Me - Karuna and Andrew Marcus (September 2001)
Wicked Cricket Dance Theatre (July 2001)
Salt of the Earth - Emerging Choreographers (July 2000)
Blue Pearl - Sally Jacques (June 2000)
Alvin Ailey American Dance Company (March 2000)
Body Count - Sally Jacques (November 1999)
Red light/Green light - Ariel Dance Theatre (October 1999)
Window of the Soul - La Tania Flamenco Music and Dance (September 1999)
Paradise Solo Salon - Sarah Skaggs (July 1999)
Breathe Normally - Margaret Jenkins (May 1999)
Barbejoy Ponzio - Politics and Dance Interactive Lecture (January 1999)
Paul Taylor Dance Company (October 1998)